Membership Information and Application Procedure

At the Million Dollar Verdict Club we only select the very best of the best, Million Dollar Verdict Lawyers.  We meet to discuss the qualifications of every lawyer, personal injury lawyers, commercial lawyers, business lawyers and others that have obtained incredible results for their clients.  This is not a referral based site or anything of the sort, but a site dedicated to vetting lawyers that meet our very strict standards of excellence. Every lawyer if they are nominated by their peers, nominated by our committee of lawyers or applying in person must be verified by our team to assure they have indeed received the accolades necessary to become a member of our tight knit group. They must be the lead counsel on the case, or partake in a meaningful way. They must have a FINAL judgment or settlement that is 1 million dollars or above. They must demonstrate the excellence and professionalism expected of a lawyer of their stature. Additionally, they must demonstrate the highest excellent moral and ethical behavior.  We look at the whole picture of the lawyer. Not all lawyers who are nominated by their peers and not all lawyers that apply will make the cut.  We are only seeking the best of the individuals who obtain million dollar verdicts.

If we reject an application or nomination it is because we feel in our experience you have not met the standards we are looking for in a lawyer.  This does not mean you cannot re apply sometime later by demonstrating that you have met our qualifications.  If you are rejected you can supplement your application or nomination to the club for reconsideration.

The people who apply are checked by us to see if they have any pending bar complaints, client complaints and also in fact did receive a judgment or settlement of 1 million dollars or more. If the nominee applies on line any and all representations will be verified to the best ability of Million Dollar Verdict Club, as well as the application is sworn to and will constitute a breach of ethical and moral obligation to tell the truth and may constitute a report to the applicable disciplinary department of your local Bar Association. 

Unlike some "exclusive" membership sites, ours has a very low membership fee, that includes certification, use of the MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT CLUB logo on your site, a profile on MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT CLUB'S website, and a beautifully designed desk award etched with your accomplishment, and a lapel pin to you upon membership approval. This process is done as quickly as possible and usually within a week of acceptance. We will also as part and parcel of your membership release for distribution a PRESS RELEASE indicating your membership and enrollment in the club. 

When you join our exclusive monthly membership, you will also be eligible for awards throughout the year, including highest Judgement obtained, best closing, and best results for a client.

Membership Award  Membership Lapel Pin
 Yearly Achievement Awards  

When applying for membership or nominating a fellow jurist keep in mind that we will need to verify the fact you have been awarded, settled or received an Order pursuant to binding arbitration of an amount equal or above 1 million dollars. Sometimes when applying several issues come up in regards to CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENTS.  If there is a confidential settlement in your matter we will at least have to know the jurisdiction and venue of the case, as well as some details of the lawsuit.  We will not require you to forgo any agreement you have made with opposing counsel to expose you to possible judicial repercussions, no we we use it as an example of some of the verdicts our members have obtained for their clients.

We only send out invitations to lawyers who due to our research we feel meet our requirements.  We reserve the right to award gratis memberships, based on our evaluation of the applicant and his or her career. In that case there will be no charge for membership to MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT CLUB.