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Exclusive Membership to the Million Dollar Verdicts Club: 

Welcome, if you are reading this you have probably been informed or selected, as one of the top personal injury lawyers in your area, to be a member of the Million Dollar Verdicts Club.  As a member, we like to think you are joining a community of extraordinary litigators that have achieved fantastic results for there clients. One of our favorite quotes that is really applicable to the litigators that are members here is "If you focus on results you will never change, if you focus on change you will see results".  As a member we believe each one of you is working to change the system for the benefit of not only your clients, but society in general.  In observance of your hard work, dedication and legal knowledge, we send our members a lapel pin from "Million Dollar Verdict Club" indicating your membership, an achievement coin, similar to the ones handed out to armed forces for a job well done, and a beautiful plaque to display in your office.  The lastly, and most importantly we put an individual profile on our search friendly page.  This profile lists your favorable verdicts, and some details about the person and attorney you have demonstrated throughout your career.  We are so very proud of the achievements of our members and truly believe that they represent the very best the United States has to offer in the way of personal injury attorneys, catastrophic injury attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys and injury litigators.  

What else comes with membership?  Once a year we ask you to submit your best settlement or judgement, we review all submissions and we award the "Highest Verdict Award" to that incredible litigator who demonstrates that they have excelled to the top of the top...the best of the best for the year.  All members are eligible for this award.

We also add something special, for $9.99 a month, we create a few add-ons that are really spectacular.  The first is we randomly feature your firm on the first page of the membership page.  Everyone who is a monthly member is randomly selected to appear.  We will write the featured profile for you or you can provide your own featured profile.  We also will feature a new verdict or settlement your firm has achieved that month on our blog.  Lastly, it will allow your clients to submit a review, that we will post along with your profile.  Only the monthly paying members get these wonderful additions to the already best legal membership website out there. Your community of personal injury lawyers should recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve the results you have achieved and being nominated as member of the Million Dollar Verdict Club is just another way to demonstrate your achievements!

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