About Us

MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT CLUB was created to find truly the best lawyers who have obtained million dollar verdicts.  It is not a referral site, but a way to reward deserving attorneys recognition of their amazing careers.  When we created the site, we really wanted to focus more on the award then the cost of membership so we set it up differently than other similar sites.  Our club is driven on invitations and referrals more than applicants. We send out invitations to lawyers we feel meet our very stringent criteria, where we do not just look at the verdicts they obtain, but we look at the person behind the verdict.  If they have had any disciplinary actions, if they have been the subject of lawsuits against them personally or professionally, if they have had poor moral or ethical judgment.  These issues usually aren't looked at by the other clubs and sites, because they are only interested in the advertising money.  Yes, we have some paying members of our club, but we also select individuals to receive free membership and profiles. We allow all members to describe their practice on our site and maybe a little bit about themselves.  We also welcome members to introduce themselves to each other and feel free to refer cases between themselves.  We want this to be an open forum, a place for quality lawyer to see other quality lawyers.  We never allow any non-members to have a profile or link their website to ours.