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David Montlick


Law Firm: Montlick & Associates, P.A.

Areas of Practice: Trucking Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents; Medical Malpractice; Worker’s Compensation

Noted Verdicts:

6.8 Million Dollar recovery, Eight-year-old boy was rendered a quadriplegic after being involved in a horrendous automobile collision. The driver at fault was traveling in a county ambulance. He was not responding to an emergency call, nor were any lights or sirens in use. In the right lane next to him and ahead was a second potentially at fault driver. The second driver pulled into the ambulance's lane and stopped at a signal. The ambulance driver did not brake in time and clipped the rear of that vehicle. Instead of swerving to the right where the traffic was light and moving in the same direction, the ambulance driver swerved into oncoming traffic. He ran head on into the vehicle where the child was a backseat passenger.

Website: ​ Phone Number: 1-800-529-6333

Admitted: Georgia