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Brian McCallister


Law Firm : The McCallister Law Firm

Areas of Practice : Trucking accidents, motor vehicle accidents , wrongful death, medical malpractice , Premises liability , Personal injury

Noted Verdicts :

$12,682,500 verdict- This was the 5th largest verdict in 2006. Brenda Richey a Missouri native was at home when during a storm a 1400 lb limb fell on her home. She called her insurance twice and both times they said they wouldn’t remove the limb from her home because it did not fall during the storm which was false because the limb indeed did fall during the storm. So she called her brother Galen Richey to remove the limb, while doing so a branch snapped leaving him to fall from the roof of the house. This led to Galen landing on his back fracturing a vertebrae and leaving him in a parapelegic state , never to walk again. After several lawyers not taking his case because they believed he had no case, he hired Mr Mcallister who did take his case. Together they filed a suit against the American Mutual Insurance Company.

Website : Phone number : 816.931.2229

Admitted : Missouri, Kansas , Illinois, Iowa